This is your home away from home, and the decor combines elements of Bahia and the Mediterranean, with subtle touches and attention to detail. Throughout the property you will find original handicrafts collected from the owners travels. In this haven of peace and tranquility, you will find ample time and places to lose yourself and drift away whether it is lying in one of the hammocs in the garden or catching the afternoon breeze on one of the private rooftop terraces.

Dar Tranconisia can host up to ten guests. In the spirit of traditional North African Diars, the house is designed around a central common area, comprising of a pool in Brennand ceramics and a convivial outdoor patio.


Site realised by Lamia Benalycherif

Brazil and Tunisia made a date on the hot sands of this Bahian unspoiled beach. The owners, from both countries, commissioned the project of their “casa hotel” to their friend Benedito Fernando Moreira, who made a collage of elements of both cultures. Built in 2009, Dar Tranconísia mixes typical architectural resources from each region. The result is a perfect mix of luxury and rustic simplicity